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Joining Freemasonry

Individuals become Freemasons for many different reasons. Each Mason, no doubt, has a different reason or set of reasons for entering the Order. But, whatever their initial motivations, all Freemasons share certain ideals and aspirations of fraternity, charity, and truth. In addition, all Co-Freemasons share a conviction about the equality of the sexes. Also, members of the Eastern Order of International Co-Freemasons place a particular emphasis on the inner, spiritual life of Freemasonry and on its application to living.


The first reason for entering Masonry, and Co-Freemasonry more specifically, is to promote the world’s progress. It is a means for service to humanity.


A second important reason for entering Freemasonry is that it offers a method for the mastery of one’s emotional, mental, and spiritual nature. It puts the Freemason in touch with himself or herself.

An old statement of the qualifications says that a candidate must be “of mature age, sound judgement, and strict morals.” In practical terms, this means that a candidate must be at least twenty-one years of age, of sound mind, and of good moral character.


The other essential requirement is that he or she must believe in a Supreme Being or Divine First Cause, however envisioned and by whatever name known.  The reason for this is quite logical. Co-Freemasonry welcomes men and women of all religious or spiritual belief systems, but because we aspire to develop within ourselves the higher or Divine qualities inherent in each of us, someone who has no belief in anything higher than humanity obviously would not find Co-Freemasonry congenial, nor would such an individual be successful in Freemasonry.

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